Optimize your schedule at home and at work

Rethink the way you organize

your work and your life

Guidance and coaching

Life Cycle (free) helps track daily activities, places visited, and interactions with people. Reports show donut-like diagrams by week and month.

Splashtop Remote Desktop (free) gives users access to all the programs and files on a PC or Mac from a smartphone or tablet.

Optimized splits activities into four categories: health, creativity, routine, and pleasure, then tracks time spent on them and establishes correlations to inform the user on what areas are lacking. Optimized integrates data with activity trackers Moves, Fitbit or Jawbone UP as well as any apps and wearables connected to Apple Health app.

Bloom (free) is a popular productivity app for groundedness, creating more of a “to be” list than a “to do list.” It’s a useful tool for workaholics needing a reminder to live a more holistic lifestyle.

Zirtual (free trial) assigns a dedicated virtual personal assistant to handle administrative and organizational tasks like responding  to emails, coordinating travel plans, etc.

Mint (free) keeps track of finances (bank accounts, credit cards, loans, assets, credit score), creating custom suggestions for better finances.

Focus Booster (free trial) uses a digital version of the pomodoro technique (25-minute work sessions)  to make time tracking and goal meeting more effective.

Weekly Planner (free) provides reminders to plan out the week to give more time for what matters, shifting from a daily to a weekly plan.

Timeneye (free) is a visually appealing, non-distracting time tracking app for to monitor time spent on any activity.

TimeTune (free) is a daily task reminder, student calendar, timetable planner, routine schedule organizer, productivity habit tool, daily time manager or daily planner.

Way of Life (free) helps users establish and maintain good habits with reminders to track the activities leading to goals related to work, fitness, healthy eating, etc.

TaskRabbit helps users get more done in less time by outsourcing tasks, from house cleaning and organization to moving, deliveries and handyman jobs.

ATracker (free) is a time tracking app with an elegant minimalist user interface to stay accountable to the activities that matter.

Trello creates digital organization boards, which can include images, checklists, links, teammates, and more.

Basecamp (free trial) organizes personal or business communication, projects, bringing all the relevant communicators together in one place.


Track your time, tasks and projects

Capture your thoughts, organize your work

Stay focused an "flow"

Forest($0.99 on iTunes, free Android app) helps beat the phone addiction by growing trees while the phone is left dormant, discouraging distraction. 1,959 5-star  ratings on iTunes as of mid 2017

Evernote (free) organizes work and declutters life with notes and notebooks synced and accessible from any device.

Do nothing for 2 minutes (free) re-energizes productivity with relaxing waves that help wash away distraction for just a few minutes of the day.

Harvest (free) is a top-rated time tracking system including time tracking, reporting, invoicing, and expenses.

Slack (free) helps organize communication with dedicated channels and teams for various projects. It also integrates with popular services like Google Drive to make file sharing easy.

Writeroom ($9.99) creates a clutter-free screen for writing without distractions. It has a full screen writing environment, unlike the cluttered nature of other typing programs or sites.

Remember The Milk (free) is a popular to-do list available from both phone and web.

Pocket (free) is an app and a browser extension to quickly save, discover, and recommend the best, most interesting stories on the Web (and save them for later to avoid distraction).

Adblock (free) Chrome extension blocks distracting pop-ups to stay focused on the content that matters, and spend less time waiting for it.

Wunderlist (free) keeps life in sync with multiple list organization features, whether planning a holiday, sharing a shopping list or managing work tasks

Basecamp (free) provides an organized, stress-free way to manage projects, work with clients, etc. It simplifies work by bringing all the necessary tools into one place, including a message board, to-dos, a schedule, instant messaging, document organization and more.

A notebook and a pen (less than $10) is not an app nor an browser extension, yet it is often the simplest and most effective way to concentrate and be creative. The best part is there are no distracting ads or newsfeeds to distract from the task at hand.

Gluru (Android free) analyses existing habits to predict and create suggested steps and tasks.

Google Keep (free) stores typed or spoken  ideas and schedules reminders for a selected place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed.

Momentum (free) Chrome extension modifies tab browser with things that will help us accomplish your goals by helping us keep focus and reminds you of the things we're supposed to do

BreakFree (free) helps to break the phone addiction by recording the amount of time and provides guidance on controlling phone usage. 4.2 average ratings
from  18,095 user feedback (google play store)

Buffer (free) saves and schedules posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn – all from one place, without getting sucked into the time-wasting habit of scrolling through newsfeeds.

Instapaper (free) saves the distraction of reading irrelevant content during the day by storing articles for offline reading to access them during commute or downtime.

Hocus Focus (Mac menu bar utility, free) or Freedom removes distractions by hiding windows not in use.

Citrus (free) is a Google Chrome extension that blocks access to whatever websites are specified by the user. Less wasted time online means more time to do the things we love.

Toggl (free) forces users to stay on top of working hours and provides reports on how the day has been spent.

Airplane mode is a great way to avoid distracting notifications while still having access to offline resources (i.e. music, alarms, etc).

(OFFTIME)  ($2.99) blocks notifications and restricts your access to other applications

Noizio (iTunes $4.99) or Noisli (Android free) create ambient noise for relaxation and concentration.



Set goals, develop new habits, track progress

Lean new skills, start new life-changing projects


Goalscape (free) arranges goals in a large set of concentric "wheels," with important goals taking up more space to help stay focused.

Life Goals (free) is a virtual To Do List focused on life achievements. It lists tasks while tracking how those tasks help progress toward life goals.

Strides tracks all of goals and habits in one flexible free app. With Strides, we can track anything you want, because it’s more than a habit tracker; it’s also a SMART goal tracker, with reminders to hold us accountable and charts to keep us motivated,

Nozbe (free) tracks goals, habits, and daily tasks by creating milestones, tasks, and habits related to each goal.

GoalsOnTrack (free) is a goal-setting program to record goals, purposes, start dates, end dates, metrics, subgoals, habits, and action plans.

Joesgoal.com (free) is a simple but satisfying app for users to add goals to a calendar then check them off as they’re completed


Memrise (free) teaches more than 200 languages and cultures with video clips from native speakers. In addition to language learning, users can gain insight on culture, cuisine, history, and much more.

Coffee Break/Radio Lingua podcasts help users learn a new language (Spanish, French, Germa, & more) simply by listening for 15 minutes at a time. Topics include useful everyday and travel language like buying train tickets, asking for directions, and ordering a coffee. Search for RadioLinua on the iOS podcast app or on another podcast app.

DuoLingo & TinyCards flashcards (free)

teaches  vocabulary and starts stringing together sentences with simple, gamified practice exercises. Users can then put skills to the test by reading and translating actual articles in the new language, and practice learned terms with custom flashcards.


C25K (free) gives users a structured training plan to progress step by step toward running a 5K.


hemingwayapp.com (free) helps users to write a book or novel by analyzing text and highlight common writing slip-ups like adverbs, weak passive voice, complicated language, and hard-to-read text.


Yousician (free) teaches how to play a variety of musical instruments with a mix of video lessons, games, and other tools.


Learn to code (free) teaches coding by breaking up lessons in HTML, JavaScript, Python and other languages into bitesize quizzes and practice games.


Kitchen Stories (free) teaches cooking skills with a collection of new recipes every week, including video tutorials.


Houzz website and app (free) makes home remodeling more inspired and interactive, with millions of professional quality photos of home renovations, articles, forums, remodeling professionals, and more.

Habitica (free) lets users accumulate experience points as they complete tasks.

Mindbloom.com Life Game (free) is designed to help people keep track of their moods to lead a more well-rounded life which balances personal efficiency with other areas. The game is presented as a tree with branches that represent areas like self care, health, family and finance.

irunurun (free)

These apps gamify life goals and tasks to create fun, intrinsic motivation toward greater achievement.

Coach.Me (free) helps establish and track new habits with crowdsourced encouragement.


Social connection

Connect and collaborate online

Meet and connect with friends

Care for your families and close friends

Slack (free for small teams and limited featured) is a messaging app that

organizes team conversations around projects, plans, or within teams. Users can create specific channels for conversation, send direct messages, mark progress, make calls, and share files.

Meetup (free) helps users do more of what they love and meet others interested in the same activities, whether cooking, hiking, knitting, climbing, playing sports, practicing languages, or anything else. Users can join or create their own group or event, dedicated to a particular topic or simply as a social gathering.

Cozi (free) keeps multiple calendars with built-in to-do lists, grocery lists, menu plans, and even a family journal.

Pyrus (free) is a team communication tool for real-time messaging, task delegation, progress tracking, and approval flows. It manages updates on individual and team tasks with an integrated search feature.

Couchsurfing (free) is a popular and growing platform to connect locals and travellers  for accommodation, local meetups, and advice. The site features certain security measures like ID verification, background checks, and reviews of hosts from other travelers who have stayed with them.

Famjama (free) is a calendar specifically designed with families in mind, including chore lists, grocery coupons, shopping lists, and more.

Reddit (free) connects users to a vast wealth of collective knowledge and information-sharing opportunities, organized into easy-to-navigate topics (everything from gardening to technology to education and beyond). Users can explore and contribute with text, links, photos, and videos.

Schemes (free) creates reminders and sends scheduled messages to the people related to a task. The program integrates with email, text, Facebook messenger, and Twitter, giving great communication flexibility.

Hub Family Organizer (free) is collaborative-type of family calendar where all family members can share their own personal calendars, create group to-do lists with assignments, and communicate privately with other family members.

Swarm (free) shows friends’ locations and tracks our own check-ins to places, offering integrated chatting to make plans for meeting up with people. Want to meet up with friends? Open Swarm to see who’s hanging out nearby. Have a better idea? Quickly message your friends to make plans and meet up.

CaringBridge (free) keeps users in touch with a particular family member who may need care. It's ideal for those facing surgeries, rehabilitation, and other medical procedures.

Connect (free) is a location-powered messaging service showing who is nearby from the user’s various social network connections, making it easier to have authentic in-person interaction with them.

Lotsa Helping Hands (free) creates a community of care around a loved one, allowing family, friends, volunteers, and care aides to join and then manage elements like  sitters, errands, appointments, and family gatherings.

Caring Village (free) is designed specifically to help family caregivers easily coordinate and keep track of their loved one’s care, including help requests, appointment tracking, preparation support, and more.

CareZone (free) secures all the information for a loved one in a single place, where family and friends can be invited to view and participate in his or her care. It features notes, a task list, medication logging, and photo storage.


Connection to places

Travel around, discover new places

Go out and try something new

Best travel apps

Cool Cousin (free) is a collection of off the-beaten-path recommendations from savvy residents in 14 major travel destinations like London and Paris. Very easy to use: choose a destination (from about 40), select locals (aka Cousins) who spark your interest, get maps of their top picks in the city, if you like, you can message your Cousins for insider tips

Trover (free) gives travellers  suggestions and pictures from others about what to do in the area, from natural wonders to shopping hotspots and beyond. share your discoveries, get love for your finds photos from travels, and inspire others with your pictures to see the world. Live adventurously, anywhere in the world. connect with a global travel community and share photos and tips about great places.

Dcovery (free) If you think about how many times a day someone recommends a bar, a restaurant, or a cute boutique around the corner, the travel tips add up. Dcovery is designed to organize your travel research and keep everything in one place

Sidekix Sightseeing (free) is an urban route planner to find the best way to get somewhere. Sidekix will choose the best walking directions based on interests, preferences, and curated suggestions from in-the-know locals.

OpenTable (free) lets users make online reservations, read restaurant reviews from diners, and earn points towards free meals.

Skyscanner (free) is a flight comparison tool to discover the  lowest travel costs to any destination through combining multiple flights, often with layovers in interesting places.

Transit (free) shows public transportation options, combined with bike sharing and car sharing, for various options to get around.

Fandango brings movies and TV shows to a mobile device anywhere and anytime, from new releases to classic favorites.

Freebird (free) allows business travelers to skip the line and instantly book a new ticket after a flight cancellation, significant delay, or missed connection on any airline for free.

Field Trip (free) alerts the user of nearby unique and noteworthy opportunities by running in the background and using information from Google.

Foursquare (free) helps users discover and share the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in any area by looking at reviews from others, and checking in to leave a review.

Hostelworld (free) lists private rooms, fun communal spaces, and exciting events to bring together travelers.

Roadtrippers (free) is designed to plan road trips, find and save restaurants and attractions through curated experience guides, as well as providing a place to record and share experiences.

Yelp (free) brings together user reviews and recommendations of top restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, etc.

Oasis (free) allows users to book handpicked homes with a range of hotel-like amenities, including in-person check-in and check-out, fresh linens and toiletries, and on-demand concierge services.

CityMapper (free) provides routing options by car, public transportation, bike, cab, and carsharing, with live public transportation times, bus/train/metro stop notifications, and directions downloads to navigate without internet access.

Vouchercloud (free) offers savings and offers for restaurants, stores, supermarkets and brands.

Airbnb  (free) allows users to stay at the homes of locals, with options to rent a room or an entire home/apartment, and filtering by size, location, amenities (wifi, kitchen use, etc.) and more.

Groupon  (free) brings together a wide variety of deals on just about everything -- dining, fitness classes, massages, voyages, homewares, clothing, electronics, and more.

Roomer travel (free) gives big discounts on hotel rooms from people who have had to cancel their trips, with savings from 30- 80%.

Urbanspoon (free) helps users find the best food and dining experiences at over a million restaurants with reviews from other visitors.

Turo (free) lets users rent cars directly from their owners, with filtering options and prices lower than agency rental.

Hotels.com (free) compares hotel prices and allows users to request a ride, order food delivery, plan activities, and make dinner reservations.

My Panda (free) gives security levels in a given area via GPS, and in some large cities also gives the fastest route to the nearest police station and the option to call local authorities with one tap.

PlanChat (free) helps organize group travel by connecting travelers, allowing them to construct their own itineraries and share memories.


Life vision

Create a vision board

Track progress towards your life goals

Get help and support

Hay House (free) helps create drive and progress toward goals through compelling and inspiring vision boards with images, photos, inspiring messages and music.

Start achieving your dreams today. Lifetick (start for free) is a web-based software to help users define core values, then set, track, and achieve SMART goals based on those values. Structured and  logical to keep our goals and activities in one place.

Fabulous (free) helps users build healthy rituals, using Behavioral Economics to provide recommendations on getting “unstuck” and reprogram the brain to automate what’s important and stop missing out on those activities.

Bloom (free) uses existing music and images from the user’s phone to create personalized dream boards. Pre-created “blooms” are also available for download, and reminders can be set to revisit and remain dedicated to progress. Over 300,000 downloads & 4.5 out of 5 star reviews

Way of Life (free) guides users through the process of drawing up a schedule of exercises to establish habit, then provides easy-to-understand graphics based on recorded  progress.

Coach.me (free) tracks habits and objectively evaluates the results of those habits. It also provides  access to a community where users can ask questions about goals and habit-building.

Success Wizard (free trial) provides a guided step-by-step web-based personal improvement plan based on psychological and human behavior theories and methodologies to plan, focus and achieve real and lasting results. The app can sync across iOS devices and web.

Sesh (free) partners users with a certified coach to help create and achieve a personalized plan for success.


Productive (free) helps users build a routine of positive, life changing habits by setting personal goals and tracking progress.

43things.com (free) is a place for users to list goals and find others doing, sharing, and connecting based on similar interests. Create your time capsule and decide what you want to share by adjusting your privacy ettings.

Stride (free) reminds users of daily habits that lead to bigger goal achievement. Users set a target (with specific metrics and a deadline) and then set the habit that the app should track daily.

Remente (free) helps users live a richer life with less stress and anxiety with tools to target, train, and track goal progress.



Promote your talent and skills

Donate to charity and non-profits

Give your time to good causes

Pay It Forward (free) encourages a daily act of kindness--a proven stress reducer--with a list of suggestions as well as connection to a community of people who are committed to the principles of “paying it forward.”

Kiva (free) is a not-for-profit organization that facilitates lending money to people in need. The platform provides detailed information about borrowers for small investors to do good with their money. Kiva claims that they have a 97.0% loan repayment rate, 84 countries where they works, 1.6 million people who've made a loan on Kiva, and that they received the highest award rating in the Charity Navigator.

Volunteermatch.org (free) bring good people and good causes together with specific volunteer positions and events based on interests, location, and other search parameters.

Raise5 (free) allows individuals and groups to fundraise for charities and nonprofits through micro-volunteering: donating talents, skills, and hobbies for good causes.

GlobalGiving (free) is an online marketplace that connects you to the causes and countries you care about

Global Vision International organizes volunteer and internship programs around the world, all in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Topics range from construction to animal care to education.  

Skills for Change at Sparked.com (free) is a microvolunteering network allowing users to lend their professional skills to nonprofits and causes who need them. Challenges range from minutes to hours, and  include writing and marketing for websites, translation, and more.

Philanthroper (free) helps people learn about new and impactful positive change efforts,  sharing the story of a new nonprofit organization every day and encouraging individuals to contribute $1-$10.

International Volunteer HQ connects travelers with meaningful volunteer opportunities abroad, like gap year volunteer programs and volunteer/working vacations.

Charity Miles (free, requires a Facebook account) makes charity donations in exchange for time tracked working out (walking, running, or biking), thanks to the support of corporate sponsors who pledge funds for miles.  

MicroPlace helps people make a dfference in the fight against poverty by investing relatively small amounts of money that provide modest returns but that help the poor enormously.

Plan My Gap Year (UK-based website) offers affordable, volunteer travel opportunities overseas from 1 to 24 weeks in 14 countries. The perfect site if you plan to volunteer in childcare, English teaching, wildlife conservation, community projects, or  mental health projects in Africa.

Feedie (free) partners with restaurants to make a donation toward meals for school children in South Africa when users upload photos of meals.





These sites allow individuals, businesses, and groups to create crowdfunding pages to support ideas, products, and initiatives that matter.

Love Volunteers is a low-cost international volunteer organization that coordinates meaningful, life-changing projects helping worthy causes in more than 34 countries around the world.

Give 2 Charity (free) tracks a smartphone's location data in the background and gives to charity simply while visiting places.

ActofGood.org (free) connects causes with the people that care about them.

Walk for a Dog lets users raise money for animal organizations while walking the dog. It is funded by ads and sponsors, with longer (or more frequent)  walks translating to more money for charity.

Charitynavigator.org (free) provides unbiased, objective, numbers-based ratings on nonprofit organizations and charities.

Healthy body


Track your nutrition habits

Try new recipes and personalized food plans

Change your eating habits

MyPlate (free) tracks daily calorie input (food) as well as output (exercise) as well as connecting users to a community of support and a library of short workouts.    

Yummly (free) gives users access to 1 million unique recipes by holiday, cuisine, diet, nutrition, allergy, cook time, ingredients (both wanted and unwanted), and more. The apps learns user preferences to create custom recommendations.

Lifesum (free) converts lifestyle goals and health data into a custom plan for better living, complete with eating plans, daily feedback, suggestions and motivation.

Lark (free) creates an ongoing conversation with the user about eating habits, sending occasional reminders to input foods eaten, and then giving instant feedback on the response. Lark coach keeps an eye on your exercise, sleep, and diet, and texts you motivation and advice in the moment, when it’s most helpful

Fit Men Cook (free) offers creative, healthy recipe  on a practical budget (and is by no means limited to men).

Noom (free) creates custom 16-week courses for lifestyle change, with a 78% sustained results rate. It turns the user’s phone into an accountability tool to get over setbacks and keep moving forward.

Lose it! (free) tracks food intake by photo, barcode scanning, or database search to provide precise nutrition information and track progress toward weight goals.

FoodPrint (free) gets to know the user’s body type, daily routines, fitness regimens, food choices and health goals to determine a personalized diet & weight loss plan.

Fooducate (free) tracks food intake, provides a community of support, suggests recipes, and  and educates users about a wide variety of food information like ingredients, genetic factors, and more.

Waterlogged (free) tracks hydration with reminders, fitbit integration, graphs, and more.

Sidechef (free) delivers recipes with step-by-step instructions, complete with photos, videos and vocal guidance.

Rise (free) pairs users with a coach to evaluate meals and provide feedback for education, understanding, and lasting change.

Tastemade (free) provides a variety of recipes and how-to videos, and  easy-to-follow cooking classes with international tastemakers and chefs

MyNetDiary (free) tracks exercise, calories, goals, and nutrients and generates information and graphs to help make better choices and meet goals sustainably.

Energi (free) synthesizes data from various applications to provide a personalized plan, based on trends in energy levels, activity, and productivity.

Physical activity

Track your activity

Find the right way to exercise

Get support and encouragement

MyFitnessPal (free) tracks food intake and exercise (as well as tracking macronutrients) to balance calories and stay active.

J&J 7 Minute Workout (free) features 36 exercises and 19 workouts to create over 1,000 variations at different levels, featuring built-in music controls and HD video tutorials, as well as personalized motivational content and workout reminders.

Sworkit (free) offers 200 types of exercise videos demonstrated by personal trainers, set to structured programs based on goals (leaner, fitter, stronger), and customized to user preferences.

Endomondo (free) tracks runs, bike rides, and other outdoor activities with a simple interface.

ACTIVEx (free) is a community-based workplace wellness program with in-app coaching: go for a 5K, 10K, 30 day challenge or discover SPIN and Tabata

PEAR  (free) provides a “personal coach” with interactive audio workouts from a variety of coaches for all fitness levels.

Strava (free) provides performance analytics for runners and cyclists to track progress and reach goals.

CycleCast (free) creates a spin class on the user’s phone, with music, instructors, variety and motivation to go the distance.

Runkeeper (free) is a GPS-enabled app logging distance, time, and pace, with a goal-setting function and coaching available.

MapMyRun (free) allows users to see exactly how far and where they’ve run, as well as popular nearby routes.

Jefit Workout (free) features simple tools to craft weight-lifting workouts and keep track of routine details.

Pact (free) increases the stakes of exercise by having users wage bets on their own exercise habits, creating greater motivation to get moving.

Fitocracy (free) creates a game out of exercise with an atmosphere of social accountability and positive peer pressure: join the Fitocracy community and earn points, badges.


Track your sleep patterns

Intelligent reminders and alarm clocks

Sleep coaching and education

Pillow (free) measures & tracks sleep quality, and helps users visualize how sleep quality is affected by factors like weight, heart rate, blood pressure, caffeine, alcohol, and calories. Users can also record sounds during sleep to help diagnose issues like sleep apnea, and set an alarm to wake up during light sleep cycles.

Sleep Cycle (free) analyzes sleep using the phone’s accelerometer and wakes users in the lightest sleep phase to avoid the vicious snooze cycle.

Lark (free) tracks sleeping and fitness activity, and engages in quick conversations to keep on track with daily goals.

UP (free) learns the user’s habits over time to provide tailored advice for better sleep, diet, and other lifestyle habits. The apps learns from your lifstyle over time and provides customized recommendations.

Sleepyti.me ($0.99 on Itunes, free online, free Android version) allows users to determine what time they should go to bed, or what time they should wake up to avoid feeling groggy in the morning (by waking up between sleep cycles).

Nova Sleep Coach experimental sleep program makes personalized sleep habit and schedule suggestions based on techniques found in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI). Try the 5 week sleep coaching program.

Sleep better tracks sleep cycles, monitors dreams, & suggests changes to bedtime habits.

Sleep Time ($1.99 on Itunes, free Android version) is another solid combination of sleep tracking and smart alarm clock, using our phone's sensors to measure the quality of our sleep and wake us up at the optimal time.

Baby. Sleep. Coach ($6.99) is designed for parents, families and caregivers of babies 0-2 years of age who are seeking guidance in sleep coaching.

MotionX ($1.99 on Itunes, free Android version)

Good Morning Alarm Clock (free) lets users set a target wake-up time and then senses sleep movements to detect and wake the user during light sleep at the appropriate time.

Night Owl ($9.99) uses cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome insomnia.

Sleep++ (free) takes advantage of the motion tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch to closely measure both the duration and quality of sleep.

Goodnight Safari (free) puts children are at the center of the bedtime story as they help the giraffe eat her dinner, the monkey climb to bed, and the elephant kiss goodnight.

Dormio (free) is an ambient, hypnotic composition to help users drift off to sleep.

Polyphasicsociety.com provides information on alternative sleeping schedules to have more waking hours each day.

Healthy mind

Stress management

Stress tracking

Guided and unguided relaxation

Education and coaching

Anxiety Reliever (free) tracks anxiety symptoms and provides relaxation exercises.

Digipill (free) offers guided relaxation and methods for approaching real life problems, from quitting smoking and sleeping better to reducing anxiety and beating stress. It uses specific sounds to allow you to relax and change your perception.

Happify (free) provides activities, information, and reminders about how to improve mental well-being through simple efforts like gratitude and humor. Train your brain to reduce stress and overcome negative thoughts.

Breathe2relax (free) tracks breathing and helps users reduce anxiety and improve coping skills.

Stop, Breathe & Think (free) covers a range of goals, constructed to help users take time out and think clearly.

Mindshift (free) helps educate, inspire, and empower users to deal with anxiety, perfectionism, panic, sleep problems, intense emotions, and more, with a library of tools and tips.

Spire (free) monitors respiration and daily activity to provide insights on staying relaxed and focused.

Breathe2Relax (free) is designed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology to teach breathing techniques to manage stress.

SAM (free) or Self-help for Anxiety Management is designed to help users learn more about anxiety, build an anxiety toolkit, and customize the approach.

Colorfy (free) provides flowing and relaxing shapes and patterns to colour, allowing time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

7 cups (free) is home to a collection of trained active listeners who are available to chat via text or online and help users through difficult times.

Personal Zen (free) provides a series of games based on clinical findings about methods for reducing anxiety levels.

THIS WAY UP (free online) offers apps designed to provide relief for a range of psychological disorders, utilizing extensive research and proven, effective cognitive behaviour therapy.

PTSD Coach (free) from the National Center for PTSD gives guidance to deal with PTSD when professional help is unavailable.


Evaluating and tracking your modd

Guided and unguided meditation

Education and coaching

Pacifica (free) is based on cognitive behavioural therapy and meditation, with features like mood and health tracking, daily goals, and a thought diary.

Headspace (free) is a comprehensive meditation app with an easy-to-follow 10-day meditation intro program to help build the habit. Also features other guided programs and single meditations for various aspects of life. Free & premium options available.

10% Happier (free) is a clear, simple approach to meditation with a NY Times bestselling author who documented his own meditation journey. The program features some of the most respected meditation teachers.

iCBT ($5.99) provides a platform to identify, appraise and reappraise negative thoughts.

Calm (free) includes a library of guided or unguided meditation options set to stunning backgrounds, providing a virtual space to get away from it all, without having to go anywhere. Free & premium options available.

Streaks (free) tracks progress on the users’ choice of activities to help form good habits.

MoodKit ($4.99) helps individuals with depression, anxiety disorders, anger management issues, etc. The skills taught include self-monitoring, identifying and changing unhealthy thought patterns, and engaging in mood-enhancing activities.

Insight Timer (free) features more than 4,000 guided meditations from over 1,000 users and teachers all over the world—on topics like self-compassion, nature, and stress—plus talks and podcasts.

Mindfulness Coach offers exercises, information, and a tracking log so that we can optimize our practice. Mindfulness Coach was created by Veteran’s National Center for PTSD and US National Center for Telehealth & Technology.

T2 Mood Tracker (free) tracks emotional states and how they change over time for personal insight and accurate reporting to a mental health professional.

Aura  (free)generates a new, personalized, three-minute meditation every day.

Insight Timer (free) offers a simple meditation timer as well as a full library of guided meditations from users.

Omvana (free) offers an extensive library of guided meditations to practice habits like forgiveness, gratitude, and connection.

Serenity (free) helps users find a personal sense of calm through 30 beautiful, relaxing video and audio destinations.

Grokker (free) is a fitness video app with curated content from fitness enthusiasts.