We are happy to recommend the following tools to support your continued journey toward better living:

360˚ Living Toolkit

A custom set of resources to help evaluate your trajectory, define your goals and priorities, and develop an effective strategy to reach them.

  • Thought-provoking assessments for each area of life

  • Key insights and questions that have already helped 10,000+ people evaluate and improve their lives through the Authentic Happiness project

  • Stronger commitment to your happiness journey through a review of benefits and definition of your personal strategies

  • Tools to define, visualize, and plan the path toward better living

The Authentic Happiness Project

A site dedicated to sharing strategies, publications, and studies that support the various principles of living the good life.

  • A free survey to evaluate each area of life

  • Custom recommendations based on your survey responses, sent to your email

  • 120+ online & print publications, studies, & tools to support improvement in each life area

App recommendations

We’ve sought some of the most useful and best-rated apps to help support each area of life, from health to productivity to life vision and everything in between.

Please note that because of the rapid rate of technology, some application descriptions, prices, and other details may not always be up-to-date.