How? Bring more authentic happiness into your life by:
  • Staying fit & healthy
  • Experiencing positive emotions
  • Developing your talents & expertise
  • Going social & discovering the world
  • Shaping a passionate & meaningful life

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Free Online QuestionnaireAuthentic HappinessDescription - Source
Free Online QuestionnaireAuthentic HappinessDescription - Source
Are you "fitness-ready"? 1 STAY FIT & HEALTHY Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology 
Check your lifestyle! 1 STAY FIT & HEALTHY Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire, 
Happiness Score (new) 1 STAY FIT & HEALTHY Get Life Satisfaction report. Free, no registration required. 
How good are you at taking care of yourself? 1 STAY FIT & HEALTHY Self-care quiz, 
Sleep Hygiene Test  1 STAY FIT & HEALTHY 
What is your BMI? 1 STAY FIT & HEALTHY BMI calculator, Shape Up America, 
Assess your home, work, and social stress 2 EXPERIENCE POSITIVE EMOTIONS Calculate your stress number, 
Do you know you well-being score? 2 EXPERIENCE POSITIVE EMOTIONS Well-Being Test Report, Real Tests Online .com 
Emotional Intelligence Test 2 EXPERIENCE POSITIVE EMOTIONS Based on Daniel Goleman book, 
How strong is your self-esteem? 2 EXPERIENCE POSITIVE EMOTIONS Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale, 
Parenting skill evaluation test 2 EXPERIENCE POSITIVE EMOTIONS Epstein Parenting Competencies Inventory, 
What is your positivity ratio? 2 EXPERIENCE POSITIVE EMOTIONS Positivity Self test, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson 
Creative Problem-Solving Test 3 DEVELOP YOUR TALENTS & STRENGTHS 
Multiple Intelligences & Learning Style Test  3 DEVELOP YOUR TALENTS & STRENGTHS How are you smart? 
Test your IQ? 3 DEVELOP YOUR TALENTS & STRENGTHS online IQ test, a measure of intelligence 
Time Management Skills Test  3 DEVELOP YOUR TALENTS & STRENGTHS How well do you manage your time? 
What are your character strengths? 3 DEVELOP YOUR TALENTS & STRENGTHS Online Survey of character strengths, University of Pennsylvania 
What is your learning style? 3 DEVELOP YOUR TALENTS & STRENGTHS Learning Style Quiz, 
Determine your personality type 4 GO SOCIAL & DISCOVER THE WORLD Jung Typology Test, 
How assertive are you? 4 GO SOCIAL & DISCOVER THE WORLD Assertiveness Test, Real Tests Online .com 
How "Machiavellic" (manipulative) are you? 4 GO SOCIAL & DISCOVER THE WORLD Machiavellianism test, Christie, R. & Geis, F., 
How talented are you in developing team? 4 GO SOCIAL & DISCOVER THE WORLD Tea development behavior test, 
Interpersonal Communication Skills Test  4 GO SOCIAL & DISCOVER THE WORLD How well are you communicating? 
Is your personality Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging? 4 GO SOCIAL & DISCOVER THE WORLD Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality test, 
What is your DISC personality type? 4 GO SOCIAL & DISCOVER THE WORLD DISC assessment tool, 
Authentic Happiness score 5 LEAD A PASSIONATE & MEANINGFUL LIFE Get your Life Satisfaction report, free, no registration required 
How motivated are you to lead? 5 LEAD A PASSIONATE & MEANINGFUL LIFE Leadership Motivation Assessment, A. J. DuBrin, 
How strong is your moral foundation? 5 LEAD A PASSIONATE & MEANINGFUL LIFE Graham, Haidt, Nosek, 
Success Likelihood Test  5 LEAD A PASSIONATE & MEANINGFUL LIFE Are you limiting yourself? 
What's your leadership style? 5 LEAD A PASSIONATE & MEANINGFUL LIFE Psychologist Kurt Lewin three major leadership styles, 
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