Call for Stories

Want your writing featured in a published book?

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We’re creating a guide to help people live better lives, and we’re accepting submissions of short personal stories, relevant experiences, and life lessons to accompany the groundbreaking statistics that will be shared in this book, tentatively titled 360 Living.

As a gift of appreciation, we will also offer you an electronic copy of the book and life improvement exercises when released on Amazon.

Format Write your story in any format, from a couple of paragraphs up to 2 pages describing the context, your story and how it impacted your life or the lives of others. Include your preferred form of recognition to be published in the acknowledgement section and next to your submission, if selected. We can publish full name, first name or an alias (your email will remain confidential in any case). Please note submissions may be modified for inclusion in the book, but you’ll have the ability to review all changes.

How to participate Pick any of the ​14 ​themes or prompts below (or choose another theme about living a good and happy life, and we’ll see if it can be included), then email your short personal story to can publish with your full name, first name or an alias (your email will remain confidential in any cases).

Selection criteria Submissions will be selected based on relevance, ability to draw in and engage the readers, and portrayal of valuable and/or actionable lessons. Your story doesn’t have to be jaw-dropping, it just needs to have a clear lesson and a connection to living a better life. Simplicity can be stunning when done right.

Everyone has important stories to tell, and I’m excited to hear yours and share it in this book!

14 themes to choose from

1. Resolutions and commitment Keeping or not keeping our annual or general resolutions, tips and tricks, lessons learned.

2. Nutrition Story about nutrition and weight loss, what worked, what did not, key take-aways, sharing life lessons.

3. Appreciation & gratitude

Personal experiences about how expressing gratitude changed our relationships and resulted in a better life.

4. Physical fitness

A personal transformation, story about goals, what works for you, favorite activities, how you incorporate fitness into life, general feelings about fitness, impact of fitness and activity on other areas of life (lack of sleep, stress level, energy level, physical appearance).

5. Lifelong learning and mastery

A story about developing new expertise, lifelong learning, retraining, re-skilling, taking on a new job, becoming an expert and enjoying it.

6. Cultural best practices and “bad habits”

Personal observations and lessons learned of the cultural differences related to happiness, how they affect us, how we cope with them - or not. Funny anecdotes and true stories.

7. Life vision

How do we hold to our life vision as child? What happens to it as we grow up? Do we invent a new vision, stick to the original one, find our true way later in life?

8. Giving time, money or resources to good causes

Exemplary behavior of donating either money or time, and the results it had on society, the local community, and even yourself.

9. Spending time on our passions

What are your true passions? How much time do you spend for it (every week in average)? Could it be more? Why not? What do you learn from your passions for the rest of your life? What impact does it have on your life?

10. Chasing dollars, an illusion of happiness through wealth

How does money influence your life, in a good way, or a bad way? Did your life suffer from the lack of resources? Did you find out that more money is not always more happiness?

11. Vacation and time off

How do you spend your time off? What effect does it have on your work or life? How many vacation days do you typically lose? What are the consequences? Were you able to change it? What have you learned from it?

12. Remarkable achievements and personal recognitions

What makes you proud? Why? How hard was it to get there? What is your #1 recommendation to a 10-year old facing the challenges of building his/her own life?

13. Life-work balance

Do you spend way too much at work, or bring it home with you? How does it affect your life? What did/can you do about it (new job, lower your work time, new position)?

14. Stress

How do you cope with stress? Do you have a secret recipe you would like to share? How did you find the right balance in your life?

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